WHAT’S TRENDING IN Field Service Management?


Trends in Field Service Management that impact your business

Mobile Solutions: Service Crews is increasingly focused on providing technicians access while out in the field. According to a recent survey by Aberdeen, 56% of leading-edge field-service management practices say investing in mobile technology is critical for improving their performance.

Cloud-based Solution: Service Crews stores data in the “cloud” (or “internet,” in English), so that it can be accessed from any computer. Cloud storage also prevents you from losing data if your computer breaks.

Tablets: Tablets are replacing smartphones and laptops as the best worksite mobile devices. They are larger than smartphones and easier to use than laptops.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): An increasingly popular trend: technicians provide their own mobile devices (maybe at a company discount), and the company puts their software on it. Service crews has cross-platform functionality for Apple and Android to deal with the variety of devices it will be installed on. It works everywhere on any phone, tablet, or computer.

Social Media Implementations: Field service management doesn’t always lend itself easily to social media engagement. However, the companies that are able to break into the social landscape find themselves free publicity and increased brand recognition. That’s why Service Crews offers integrated social media tools to help you out in this wilderness.

Customer Experience: Service Crews concentrates heavily on customer experience. With tools that notify the customer before technicians arrive, give them an online portal to submit requests and pay bills, and more.

With so many advantages to Service Crews, your business will have a huge leg up on competition. Learn more at servicecrews.com

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