Does my business need Field Service Management Software?

Answer these “yes” or “no” questions to determine if you’re ready:

  1. Do you or your field agents manage and complete paperwork (quotes, work orders, etc) in their trucks?
  2. Do your field agents frequently use mobile devices for directions to job sites?
  3. Do your field agents frequently return to the shop to collect information, grab parts, and pick up new orders?
  4. Do you need to manage customers, work, and/or employees from the road?
  5. Has service paperwork or adjustments ever been lost or forgotten?
  6. Do you spend hours a week invoicing paper work orders and scheduling your field agents in spreadsheets?
  7. Do you have recurring maintenance contracts with customers to keep track of throughout the year?
  8. Do you have more than five workers or multiple office locations?
  9. Are you concerned about how safely you store information about customer history or billing?
  10. Would you be able to continue business as normal if there was a disaster or your office lost power?

Decoding Your Score

Service Crews software may not exactly fit your needs right now. Let’s review the basics before moving on.



You are probably ready for Service Crews. But you should keep reading to make sure you’re prepared.



You’re definitely ready! Click here to begin your 14 day free trial.




Scored lower than you thought you would? No sweat! You may be ready for Service Crews, even if you’re not a standard case.

  • With pricing starting at $49 per month, even just one of these is often enough to merit the use of Service Crews, but if you have two or three of these then Service Crews is almost definitely right for you.
  • Also, just because you use spreadsheets and paper to organize your business doesn’t necessarily mean you need Service Crews; but if you spend a lot of time working on these, Service Crews could cut that time down dramatically. Click here to begin your 14 day free trial.


If you find yourself saying “I am constantly getting complaints about work quality” or “My technicians don’t have enough work to do” you have other problems to fix before worrying about implementing  a field service software solution.

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